It always seems impossible, until it’s done

22th of november 2017 : it’s the big day, I’m leaving Paris for new horizons.

One thing struck me when I said goodbye to my colleagues for the last time, someone told me : « That’s great that you’re doing that kind of things (understand : quitting my job and travel around the world), at least now we know that it’s possible to do so. »

I was kind of surprised because of course what I’m doing is something possible, it’s not « that » extraordinary. It was not simple and easy, I made a choice and took a decision but only in order to follow my desires and objectives in life, which are not only about having a permanent job and an appartment. But sure I’m glad to know that my decision to leave France and especially my work can encourage others to follow their own dreams and achieve their own projects (which do not necessarily imply travelling).

In France, we have a saying that goes like this : « If you want it, you can have it ». We don’t say that it will be easy or simple though, but just that it’s possible if you really want it ! 🙂

I’m travelling now for around 5-6 months around the world (kind of) before settling down in Canada ! 😀

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See you soon… and no worries mate !